______ Wudang gongfu (kungfu)______

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Chinese Gongfu (standard Mandarin pronunciation) better known as Kungfu has a very long history and rich contents with a wealth of different schools. In them the Wudang Martial Arts features the uniqueness in adhering to the principle of overcoming the hard with the soft. In ancient Taoism book Tao Te Ching carries the following messages:

Beneath heaven nothing is more soft and yielding than water.
Yet for attacking the solid and strong,
Nothing can take its place.
Therefore the soft can overcome the hard,
The weak can overwhelm the strong,
Under heaven everyone knows this,
Yet no one puts it into practice.

Wudang Kung Fu is well known for its unfathomed fighting theory, special internal strength training approaches and handling skills when facing very unfavorable circumstances. The routine form sets and the weapon manipulation system often convey to people the intangible force which in many cases scare the enemy a lots before the start of fight. Thus Wudang Kung Fu enjoys an unparalleled position in Kung Fu circle in China's long history.

The motherland of Wudang kungfu is Mount Wudang which is located in central China's Hubei Province. It is also perhaps the most famous Taoism holy land in China. The name of Wudang in Chinese characters has the meaning “Deserve nothing when there is no genuine Kung Fu”----Here the genuine Kung Fu means the good foundation of internal Kung Fu (Inner Qigong) upon which the martial arts build up to deserve enduring test.





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